JALECO (there is also a TAITO U.S. licensed version).



1983 (Initial release)



Exerion's cabinet (upright version)

Exerion's side art .


a good trader for all your real

arcade needs !

Control Panel

Instruction's card

Instruction's card (jap)



From the game's flyer: " a futuristic world of brilliant colors and imaginative creatures.

It's formations of alien birds, bats and winged beasts that must be destroyed by the fighter ship in fierce outer space combat. It's bonus challenges and feats of flight and daring. It's non-stop action, excitement...and profit...all in a universal conversion kit!

Using the rapid fire gun too often means loosing charges which can be re-energized only by on-target shooting with the dual space cannons. The larger-than-life mutant space birds, genetically bred by the Exerions and on the attack with heat-seeking missiles, take eight hits to be destroyed... and take on a bright rainbow of changing colors when hit! And the EXERION adventure becomes more and more challenging as play continues!..."...need I say more ? ; )

The space craft moves in a pseudo 3D colorful background which changes very often when a different attack wave comes up. There are lots of scenes and alien spacecrafts to shoot, showing a very high AI from the early stages. The game behaves in a very cunning way and some times cheats the player !

There is a notorious bug. In the challenge stage, if you shoot all 40 aliens you normally get a bonus charge of 60. Sometimes a red hydra comes out during this stage. If you shoot it and all 40 aliens, you get a total of 41. The game seems to fail the test of 'hits=40' and only gives you a bonus charge of 41. Pretty obscure I admit, but there you go!

The player has to be extremely precautious when the purple vessels come up, cause they move randomly and very often appear surprisingly from the bottom of the screen.

Part of this game was later used in the fifth stage of "The Game Paradise". The stage is called "23bit CPU captured by 8bit CPU".



from KLOV:

(1) Try to build your supply of bullets for the fast cannon so it can be used in critical situations.

(2) To get a high score, if you do not miss any shots your bonus score will keep on doubling to 10000 then reset to 000. When at 10000 miss a shot then bonus score will revert to 5000.



from :

Best player is Giorgio Bonetti from Legnano, Italy with 3.679.100 pts.

More info at the above link.



- Exerion PCB -


Class: Wide Release

Genre: Shooter

Type: Video Arcade

Monitor: Orientation: Vertical

Type: Raster: Standard Resolution

CRT: Color

Conversion Class: Unique. (Can converted to JAMMA standard)

Number of Simultaneous Players: 1

Maximum number of Players: 2

Gameplay: Alternating

Control Panel Layout: Single Player

Controls / Joystick: 8-way.

Buttons: 2 - Slow Shot, Fast Shot.

Sound: 2 AY-3-8910, amplified Mono (one channel).

CPUs: 2 Z80 (NEC D780-1(Z80A), SHARP LH0080A(Z80A)) (In Japan Genuine version).

BOARD: CPU-BOARD:EX-8313, VIDEO-BOARD:EX-8314 (In Japan Genuine version).

X'tal: 19.968MHz (In Japan Genuine version).

PINOUTS: Thanks to Malcom Moody this is the pinout sheet for download.


Thanks to SPIES here is a local mirror for download .


Craig Johnson wrote :

" Hi,

Found your Exerion website; very nicely done, thank you. :-)
You did ask for experiences with Exerion, so here goes...

My experience with Exerion was that I installed the game (as a
conversion kit) into a Nintendo upright cabinet; possibly Donkey Kong or
Donkey Kong Jr.

We probably had the only Exerion on this planet with colored objects on
a WHITE background, because Nintendo monitors have negative (-) sync and
negative (-) R, G, and B connections. So any signal you connect to that
monitor will appear with all of its colors reversed. It wasn't until
many months later that I realised that Exerion was supposed to have a
black background (it's a SPACE GAME, hello!!!), and that the signals on
Nintendo monitors could easily be inverted with a simple and inexpensive
IC chip (a 7808 hex inverter, I believe).

As an addendum, I installed the Exerion conversion when I worked as a
video game technician for Norm's Vending in Juneau Alaska around 1983.
If I remember correctly, it was one of the first conversions I did; and
somewhere around here, I have a photograph of the finished Exerion in a
light blue Nintendo cabinet.

Note the white "sky"; which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the game inverted all of the colors because Nintendo monitors have that silly backward sync and RGB inputs.
FWIW: I have a web page about a coin-op upright game I used to have:
Some of my photographs were used on KLOV (the site I found the link to
your Exerion website); so don't be concerned if some of those
photographs somehow look familiar

Thank you again for your wonderful Exerion website, and have a fantastic
weekend - or what's left of it anyway.

Best regards,
Craig Johnson
The LED Museum
1090 Lakefront Dr., #618
Sacramento CA. 95831

Spencer Roff wrote :

" Update for the challenge stage bug, more obscure than you think.

I too played this game to death as a teenager and now play it on my 50" TV via my Xbox. The Charge bug where you only get credited 41 ammo is due to hitting the bomb that the hydra drops, you can kill the hydra but don't hit the bomb if it drops one as this counts as a hit. You can however kill the hydra without hitting the bomb it drops and you will still get credited the full 60 charge.

Love this game a shame the colours aren't perfect yet.
Spencer Roff "