Here you will find a brief list with all the hardware components, I needed to build this beast!

CPU: Intel Pentium III 500 MHz.

RAM: 128 MB.

GRAPHICS CARD: ATI RAGE FURY PRO with TV out (S-Video and Composite signal output).

SOUND CARD: Creative Sound Blaster 16 bit (Vibra) - ISA slot.

HARD DISCS: 2 Western Digital's (13 + 6 = 19 GB Total storage space).




TV: THOMSON 25'' with S-Video input (Model:25DG22C).

JOYSTICK(S): 2 hacked MICROSOFT’S Sidewinders (NO USB).

SPINNER: Hacked serial, cheap mouse.

TRACKBALL: Hacked MICROSOFT'S Intellimouse trackball in ps/2 port.

ARCADE PARTS: 16 buttons (12 leaf - 4 microswitches), 2 joysticks (leaf).

MODEM: U.S. Robotics internal voice modem 56K.

OTHER PARTS: 8 little switches, 3 LED's,1 fluorescent lamp,2 extra speakers,10m cable cord,screws, Plexiglas,knob for spinner, S-Video and audio stereo cables.

..and some remarks:

I chose the TV,cause I wanted to play some 3D games (under Windows 98 B) as well.

It was too expensive to buy a 25'' monitor and a low res arcade monitor was out of option for Windows.

My first impression about composite and S-Video TV's was that there is not big difference...but there IS!

I tested both and the results were dull image with fuzzy characters (composite out) Vs clear picture with crisp colors (S-video) , so the winner is S-Video of course.

You can see the difference by playing MOON PATROL or some vector games. The dark blue characters are merged with the background in composite TVs and the whole screen is a bit (lot!) messy.

My TV's orientation is horizontal and this is a problem with some long vertical games such as : Guwange, Exerion (my all time favorite),Varth etc.

When I have some extra time,money and space I WILL make another machine with a rotated monitor.I am extremely happy by this time with that I 've got and I play these games in 400x300 res with some line skipping, Ms pacman and Lady Bug are perfect though!